from heron out

Today is the first day of my blog. I have been working on mindfulness lately and when I was chatting with my mindfulness mentor about all the things I have always thought about doing, especially career wise, she said, “Why wait? You can explore and experiment with things now…” And she is right! I have always wanted to write, particularly for magazines, whether working for a magazine or doing freelance or something, so here is a small step.  And now, from here, our home in Vermont, with our pond (where we frequently have visitors from herons to mallards), fields, trails, dogs, cow, chickens, and gardens, I am starting to write…something! And I hope that I can remember there is always a new day, a new opportunity, a time to try something, from heron out!

*the heading photo is from Kettle Pond, part of the Groton State Forest


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