this day


…woke to friendlier skies than the previous two days had offered…actually seeing something other than the old monochromatic cloud

…weeded in the garden, adding more bulk to the compost pile…also pulled up most of the endive as I was overzealous in my planting of it this year and figure we would be better served replanting that area with more carrots, especially after the rain made the endive quite soggy

…selected some worms from the garden for our upcoming trial of the new tenkara rods…just in case things don’t work out with flies…the worms, though not as many as I had hoped for, now sit in the fridge awaiting the adventure

…pulled potato beetles off the potato plants in the lower garden placing them kindly in a yogurt cup with rubbing alcohol…my new technique, puts them to sleep, forever, very reliably…I also found some of their yellow eggs on the underside of a leaf, my first time spotting this

…mowed our lawn with the push mower, nearly mincing a toad at the far end of the lawn forcing me to pause, mower still running, and locate him in order to shoo him away each time I made a pass…in retrospect, I should have just fully stopped the mower and moved the toad to a new far off land, but I had hope he would really hop to it every time me and my mower came through but in reality he really wasn’t a very motivated guy

…attempted to mow the neighbors property that we caretake but their ride on mower wouldn’t start, still haven’t fully troubleshooted the problem but there ain’t no way I am bringing the pushmower over yonder to do the job

…enjoyed the porch while our friendly heron, namesake of this blog mind you, came gliding in to the pond for a rest…a hummingbird also buzzed about in the larkspur, so small it was hard to make out among the layers of green and color


…discovered four eggs in the corner of the cow shed under the feeder while mucking out…so that’s why production appeared down and I would leave the coop disappointed the past couple days…earlier this summer, there was another lull in my egg gathering, only to spot a hen sprinting toward the old coop one day and following her in curiously…it was there she sat on what was found to be a pile of eleven eggs…let me tell you it took a lot of work to pry her with her strong as steel mothers instinct off our future breakfasts…oops

…loaded my blue bucket with fallen apples and gave them to our lucky he’s so cute bull who trotted over to enjoy them and then promptly mooed his elephant moo asking for more after he had finished

…ran to the neighbors house with MPP (our Cocker/Brittany mix and D’s admittedly most prized possession) and picked up the affectionately named Monster, an Australian shepherd for whom I am dogsitting this weekend (he is not a monster though he is a canine stage five clinger when it comes to his love for his mom) …the three of us headed out for a run up, up, up, and then back down on the dirt roads some still damp from the recent weather, seeing only one car in four miles


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