on the bookshelf – up next

 A few days ago, I came across the book Running with the Mind of Meditation and was intrigued.  Then knowing my awesome and inspirational mother (who at 63 still runs almost every day and is a practitioner of mindfulness), I thought she might know something about this book, or better yet have a copy I could borrow.  I was right on both counts.  She knew the book, had read it, and was willing to let me borrow it.  The only problem was that she had already lent it to a fellow who attends the center she frequents for mindfulness and meditation.  She said she would get it back from him and then pass it along to me, as he had recently told her he was meaning to return it.  So, on my mothers next visit to my home she appears with the book in hand, but I can tell, this book is new.  My always and sometimes overly generous mother had, after not being able to get the book back from the previous borrower in a timely fashion, gone to the local bookshop and purchased another copy to deliver to me.  I am, of course, grateful for her generosity.  Thanks, Mom!  And now I really have to read it…so, it’s one of the books up next for me!


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