Winter is real

What's happening around our house lately...

What’s happening around our house lately…

So, I think we’ve got all the ingredients of winter now.  We had cold in September, snow in October, and the dark days of time change in November.  Now in December, it’s all coming together.  We’ve had 4 degree (fahrenheit) mornings, days when you go to work and come home from work under an ink sky, headlights leading the way, and several snowfalls, two requiring that we wake our plow truck from its slumber and get it back on its feet.  The other weekend, while D was again away for work, I did my usual morning tending of the woodstove and then went out to feed the chickens and walk the dogs.  I did accomplish those tasks and enjoyed them.  I also happened to make a snowman.  It’s winter now.


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