The almost ice storm

A snowy view out to the pond

A snowy view out to the pond

We recently had a snowstorm that acted like an ice storm.  I can remember the ice storm back in the 90’s that coated the trees with layers and layers of ice, like hand dipped candles.  The heavy limbs snapped, crackled, and popped taking down power lines easily.  Sometimes entire trees bending at the waist, taking a bow and barely surviving til the end of the storms show with all the weight. My family slept in front of our fireplace on the living room floor, a  slumber party of sorts.

This time we had heavy wet snow, rain, and heavy wet snow.  I let D do the plowing to make up for all the times I plowed last year, and I already did the first plow of this season, right? He said it was horrible snow to plow.  Instead of pushing off to the side of the plow giving that instant gratification as the snow flies and sometimes even puffs into the air if it’s light enough, the snow was tumbling into a huge snow roll up in front of the plow’s bright yellow blade.  And then…apparently the truck gets stuck.


The damage has been significant for us. Our ski trails behind the house are impassible due to limbs down, trees uprooted.  Our home is a snowy one now.  We have had consistent power now for several days but did go through a stretch where we were using candles.  Neighbors were without power for almost a week.  Dogs don’t care either way!





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