Our Christmas tree!

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

I headed out and found a Christmas tree for us a few days ago.  I was looking for something that was nice enough but not too nice.  The dogs and I did a couple loops out from the house and then I remembered that on the edge of the upper pasture there would probably be some good softwoods.  As I was walking up, however, I saw a cluster of green near the side fence and headed that way.  The trees were covered in heavy snow, still sitting frozen atop the branches.  I found one that had a very interesting split and even two 90 degree angles making a corner in the trunk and resulting in the main tree plus another large stem coming from the corner.  That additional stem was dead, so I removed it, cleaned as much snow off as I could, and then used a handsaw to cut it at the base.  The dogs weren’t that interested in what I was doing, but I called them over and we dragged the tree back to the house.  When D got home that night, I had the tree leaning up against the plow at the top of the driveway.  Apparently, we had a little miscommunication – when he asked me to go find a Christmas tree, he meant for me to go scout one out and then we would go get it together. I thought he wanted me to go find AND bring back the Christmas tree. Oh well, I hope he didn’t feel too left out.  We did do the lights and decorate together.  Our Christmas tree topper is a hat that I made!


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