Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band

from KatWrightSoulBand.com

from KatWrightSoulBand.com

A couple weeks ago, I was listening to a local Vermont radio station, The Point, likely on their 104.7 spot and heard Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band.  I couldn’t, however, remember the name.  I later tried to search the internet, looking at the radio station website, and trying creative versions of what I could remember….”abominable band?” “indominable band?”  All I could think of was “abominable snowman” and that was completely unhelpful.  Then I heard it again and made note.  Kat Wright.  Kat Wright.  Indomitable.  Indomitable. Then when I returned home, I once again used the wonders of the internet successfully and found the group’s website and then their music on Spotify.  I am a fan.  Definite fan.  And, although they don’t specifically say much about their Vermont roots on their website, the band has some connection to our Green Mountain state!


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