What’s your name?

I have several friends and relatives who have recently had children and a few who are soon to have children.  I find it fun to talk names.  At work, I always want to know what the name of the baby is when we do a c-section.  I guess I always ask about dog names, too, whenever anyone talks about their dog or meeting a new puppy.  One of my closest childhood friends is due with her first child in February but we don’t know of a name, yet.  The most recent names from friends and relatives have been Rosetta, Liam, and Shea.  Of course, as with any topic, the internet has plenty of name sites, but I found these two particularly fun.

How to Tell Someone’s Age When all you Know is her Name.  This is SO interesting!  I love data!

Swistle is a baby name blog where people can write in with their name conundrums and get help making a decision or new ideas.  It’s really fun to see when folks write back and follow up with what name they actually ended up choosing.  Sometimes it is one that was suggested and sometimes it’s a completely different name out of nowhere.


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