Wheeler Mountain

Wheeler Mountain

Today I remembered a walk that I took with the dogs on about a month ago.  We were out in the State Forest by Wheeler Mountain.  A recent snow had coated branches, brush, and boulders.  I parked the car at the end of the road after passing a couple empty houses and we set out through the fluff.  As we walked out, I started to think about how far away the nearest person might be from us.  From what I could tell and from my admittedly minimal knowledge of the area, I figured there likely wasn’t anyone within a mile of us.  I continued on looking ahead down the logging road as the dogs bounded through the snow.  They stopped every once in a while to sniff and snuffle, plunging their snouts into the cold stuff and burrowing around.  I stopped for a moment to take a breath and to take it all in.  I took a look around.  Wham!  To my left I was struck by the sight of Wheeler Mountain.  I had been so focused on moving ahead, I didn’t look through the trees surrounding us.  There it was on stage, Wheeler mountain.  The moment reminded me of the view we had from a parking lot in Grand Tetons.  We sat in the car our breakfast of muffins sitting on the dash with the lid of the clear plastic container suspended in the air.  When you looked out just past the muffins…  Wham!  A mountain right there in front of you.

The dogs making tracks

The dogs making tracks

Sun through the clouds

Sun through the clouds

Getting to work on the snowballs

Getting to work on snow removal


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