Still, here I am

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I often think about this post from Ben Hewitt.  When I read it back in February, on my ipad of course (Ben suggests getting rid of any ipads or iphones and the like in his post), I liked it so much that I sent it to D with an enthusiastic email fist pump.  Ben is a local Vermont guy – homesteader, dad, writer, believer in unschooling, former competitive cyclist – from Calais, though moving to Stannard soon.  His post helps us to see that we don’t have it so bad, but also that we could have it better…we just have to get on with it.  I totally feel what he’s saying, but it’s still difficult to put into action.  Part of it is that some change is just plain scary – you can think and say, sure, I want to leave behind the traditional expectations that society has for me, I want to get away from the high stress work week (as I sit here on call for the entire weekend), I want to focus more on what I can do for myself, minimize my consumerism, consumption, pollution, etc.  But leaving behind what is secure is scary – you’ve got to believe you can float when it’s really easy to think you’ll sink.  And then you realize that you’re worried about losing all this stuff that tons of folks in this world don’t even have and will never have the opportunity to get.  What do we really need?  Homesteading, doing for yourself, earning by not spending, partnering with your community – you don’t need a Master’s degree in food systems (of course I’ll say a degree that agrees with all this thinking might help things happen more quickly, but…), at the heart of it all is basic stuff.  Just go do it and you’ll learn it.  Still, here I am.  And, likely, there you are.


2 thoughts on “Still, here I am

  1. Oh! Just found your blog, love it! Thanks for sharing this post, such good reminders to get outa the yucky more is more mindset. Can’t wait to read more!


    • Thanks, Tessa! Glad you checked out the blog. It’s really fun to do when I have the time and I’ve secretly checked out yours, too (super fun to read, inspirational, and I feel like I can learn a bunch from you). Definitely some wise words in that post from Ben Hewitt.


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