Using a Perpetual Calendar

With cell phones, tablets, and other screens as today’s go-to planners and date books, the wall calendar you got over the holidays may stay blank for its entire year. Paper might not be hip for scheduling your social life but a perpetual calendar can outlast your iPhone ten times over and become your coolest record keeper ever. The idea of some perpetual calendars is to show a year of birthdays and anniversaries as a memory aid, but other perpetual calendars have a place to scribe an event, memory, or note every day of the year, for DECADES. There is one page or card, in most versions, for each day of the year where you might write a funny thing that happened, a milestone graduation or birthday, even just that it was the first frost of the year. The following year, you take that same page or card and add a current note while getting to take a peek at what happened that same day last year or even five, 10, or 15 years prior. Perpetual calendars that act as yearly logs are kind of tricky to find, but you can also make one yourself. We received one before our wedding and it would be a great idea as a baby gift as well.

-Our version from 1canoe2 on etsy can record 24 years of memories.

-A five-year perpetual calendar from JavaJaneDesigns on etsy.

-Instructions for a DIY perpetual calendar journal


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