Cleaning advice for problems you’d rather not have



Cleaning is rarely fun, but reading about it can be.  Jolie Kerr can help with relatively common and frequently talked about cleaning issues with things like her Laundry School where she reviews types of washers and cycles, detergents and fabric softener (she says don’t use it) but Kerr also has a knack for cleaning the less talked about items and areas (yes, she helps with dirty people, too). Her hilarious hints for pit stainssmelly bathroomsFifty Shades of Grey messeskeeping a frat house cleanthe ol’ fridge and microwave, and the always challenging hockey gear will provide you with valuable information and entertainment.

Kerr’s book is My Boyfriend Barfed in my Handbag…and Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha.

You can listen to NPR’s 2014 interview with her here.

Various sites around the web feature cleaning columns by Kerr, but for the most up to date and complete collection, including her “Ask a Clean Person” podcasts, go here.


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