No more dog days of summer?

The days are shorter and certainly, as I drove to a trail race with temperatures in the high 40’s and a cool rain spitting from the sky this morning, colder.  On our dog walk this evening, noses (human noses, that is) were pink with the chill.

Here are a couple dog things to check out as we transition to fall:

Loki the Wolf Dog – Have you seen this dog? Amazing! Beautiful! His Instagram and Tumblr feeds? Amazing! Beautiful! And see his snowy adventure film below because sooner than we’d like to think there will be snow for us to play in, too. Seems as though canine segments should be included in all Warren Miller, Matchstick, and Meathead Films of the future.

Denali – Seeing the recent press on Loki reminded me of Denali. Ben Moon’s dog Denali was a loyal companion and friend through many adventures and even through Moon’s 2004 diagnosis and treatment for cancer. Another Ben, Ben Knight, helped to create this  award winning and touching tribute (from Denali’s point of view) to the bond between a man and his dog – a true friendship.

and finally Phoebe and Tillie – NPR shares the recent rescue of Phoebe the bassett hound thanks to her friend Tillie the Irish setter spaniel mix who live on Vashon Island in Washington.


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