See the California drought in seconds


When my husband and I traveled to visit family in California this summer, the drought was evident in their every day lives as short shower times were requested and dishes were washed with great efficiency.

Matt Stevens from the LA Times reports that the most recent four year drought has left many bodies of water significantly drier. He states that Shasta Lake in Redding, California has levels that are down 59% from normal, Lake Oroville in Butte County is down 48%, and Folsom Lake near Sacramento is down 32%.

The drought has been drying up the state for years, but you can see Folsom Lake shrivel in seconds in this incredible time lapse and watch Shasta Lake shrink in the blink of an eye thanks to imaging from NASA.

We just had several days of rain in Vermont with some areas getting 6 inches. Flood warnings abound. What a crazy world we live in.


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