A New Year on our Almost Farm


It’s 2016. Our home was built in the summer of 2011 and first occupied, though without any water for lack of a well, New Year’s Eve of that year. We’ve come a long way. The water took a while and we were still hauling it from the pond, neighbors, workplaces, etc. til August 2012, I believe it was. For the last few years, though, it’s given us many cozy winter nights by the wood stove, crowded gatherings of happy friends, cooling pond swims on a hot day, eggs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, baskets and baskets of potatoes, loops of skating on the frozen ice as the dogs chased erratic tennis balls, a rainbow of flowers along the fields and on our table, christmas trees from the backwoods, gallons of syrup, cords and cords of wood for warmth and fuel, wheelbarrows full of vegetables, beef that still packs our freezer, brush pile bonfires of incredible size, amazing views from the meadow atop the hill, and countless memories of our little home.


With all of this has also come the opportunity to dream. Though we’re still split between houses/towns/counties due to current work situations, our minds and hearts continue to be hard at work dreaming up what will come of our Almost Farm. There’s talk of pigs and chickens, cows and rabbits, new barns, a new spot for the strawberries and a sprucing up of the raspberries, a dedicated spot to grow some Christmassy soft woods, a reorientation of the lower garden and  additional pasture on the other side of the stone wall toward the sugarhouse. There’s even talk of horse power.


forgotten sage


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